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5 Days - 21 May 2010

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  5 Days - 21 May 2010

I wish it on everybody.

I wish it on everybody. Love. I know that most of us believe we’ve been there. And some of us have been. But most of us (myself recently included) have not.

Perhaps we’ve been in love with the idea of love. Perhaps we just so desperately wanted to be part of a love that we settled for what we got and tried o inflate it into something more. But real love...oh, real love. There’s nothing (and I mean NOTHING) that can compare.

Real love makes everything else go black. Nothing exists. Nothing but him. Senses you don’t normally pay much attention to become heightened. His smell consumes you. The taste of his lips...you swear you could live off it. You commit indecent public displays of affection and don’t notice the stares. You’re convinced your fingertips never want to touch anything but his skin, his hair, ever again.

The sex...there are no words. It becomes the most unusual state of complete awareness and unconsciousness. Your body has no other function.

Time becomes irrelevant. You feel you’ve known each other in another lifetime because absolutely nothing else can explain the closeness and understanding you share, yet days pass faster than seconds.

I lived this hyper state over the last 5 days. It was paradise and faded into hopelessness knowing it wasn’t going to last any longer. At least not for the moment. Love like this can make one commit illogical, irrational acts...like hopping on a flight to find him again. To have him immediately and forever.

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