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Am I good in bed? - 30 June 2010

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  Am I good in bed? - 30 June 2010

How does one know? Can you really tell if you're good in bed? And based on what can you really decide?

How does one know? Can you really tell if you're good in bed? And based on what can you really decide? Is it all based on your lover''s reaction? On the pleasure they get out of it?

Is it okay to ask your lover if you're any good? Do we really want the honest answer from some of them?

And if it is all determined from their satisfaction (or lack thereof) can we really even count on that? What if they're lying? What if they've never had a good lover prior to you; are their standards so low that you're their idea of sexual euphoria simply because they don't know any different?

And what if once you get to bed the chemistry isn't there? Can you really be considered a bad lover if you felt disinterested from the very get-go?


Here's what I think: unless you are completely asexual, anyone can be a good lover. Certainly not with every lover, no. That's not what I"m getting at. What I'm trying to say is that with the right partner, YOU can become the greatest lover on the face of this entire planet.

When you meet that person, you'll know. Something as innocent as a shared kiss becomes exponentially more stimulating than any kiss you've ever shared before. The mere sensation of their breath, before your lips even touch will send your mind into a whirlwind of lascivious thoughts. And when the two of you do make it to bed...well, there won't be anymore questions ;)

Playgirl Corset > Blog > Am I good in bed? - 30 June 2010
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