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Coco Chanel's undoing of the corset - 8 September 2011

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  Coco Chanel's undoing of the corset - 8 September 2011

Coco Chanel's undoing of the corset

When I think of the women who enjoy corsets (whether wearing them, collecting them or simply admiring them), I can't help but imagine that you all have a distinct and impecable style. As such, I also like to fantasize that you know a thing or two about the history of fashion, as the corset is the (in my opinion) the greatest contribution to fashion from decades past. But one thing I bet a lot of you do not know is that the primary culprit for removing the corset from our everyday part of life is none other than Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel!

Yes ladies, that's right: she turned women on to the stretchiness of knits by raiding men's underwear drawers and turning their undershirts and long-johns into loose fitting dresses with ample stretch. Don't get me wrong: I'm not always wearing tight-fitting weaves with a gorgeous corset hugging my middle. I do enjoy t-shirts and yes, even jeans on the occasion but doesn't it break your heart as much as it does mine that someone actually shoo'd the esthetic perfection of the corset off our bodies and into the shadows of bedrooms and dark clubs for the most part? And who would have ever thought that it would be the doing of one of the most forward fashion thinkers of the last millenium?

I suppose for the most part, there is a greater magic attached to the corset now that it has for so many years been hidden and attracted something of an underground 'cult' of afficianados and I don't think I would like to see it on every woman's body for that reason alone.

What do you think? Do you feel that Coco did us a major service or do you blame her for removing them from the mainstream? I'd love to know. Write me at ms.sabrina.grey@gmail.com


Playgirl Corset > Blog > Coco Chanel's undoing of the corset - 8 September 2011
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