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Corsets, Kink and Fall 2011 Chic - 1 September 2011

Playgirl Corset | Blog | Corsets, Kink and Fall 2011 Chic - 1 September 2011

Corsets, Kink and Fall 2011 Chic

Corsets, Kink and Fall 2011 Chic

Fall is my favourite season of all. Not just because I deeply loathe heat, humidity, tanning and fashions that bear all too much flesh for my liking (will someone please reassure me that the daisy-duke shorts will soon die and never reappear in fashion for as long as I live?!), but also because it is the season when designers send down some of their most creative and genius creations of the year.

This fall is no exception. AND! Not only are the fashions we're seeing seriously sexy drool-worthy looks BUT they include...Corsets!

Before I go any further, let me just say that I would sooner describe myself as nearly anything rather than 'mainstream' when it comes to fashion, trends and my own personal style. BUT every now and again I can't help by smile when I see corsets make their way into the glossy pages of magazines everywhere. And this fall, its not just about waist cinching corsets: no, no! Everything is getting trussed up, from details on shoes, the backs of blouse, jackets and coats, purses...nearly everything is getting tightly laced into a sexy little package.

My main reason for being so pro-mainstream even though I am usually not, is because some of us are a little more shy when it comes to wearing something like a corset as outer-wear. Which I totally understand! It definitely takes a certain character to pull it off without looking like you've either shown up to the wrong event or worse yet, looking like a live action role player (or LARPers, as we call them on this side of the pond. Seriously, look it up...its worth a few chuckles). But when designers send models down the runway in kinky fashions, with lacing and touches of latex, leather and lace, it gives the rest of us a sort of carte blanche to whip out our finest steel-boned creation, cinch it on over our favourite outfit and walk out the front door with pride.

For the more shy, what this does it leave you looking like a toned down, ready to wear version of what magazines are praising as the latest look (just take a peek at this link & image above from American Elle magazine: http://www.elle.com/Fashion/Fashion-Spotlight/Intimacy-Issues#mode=base;slide=0)

... you see?! If that's the new office day-wear appropraite, then I can't think of any reason for us to not go out in tightly laced style.

So my dear readers, do your pregnant blogger a favour and wear you corset this season with pride. I can't wait until I can finally squeeze myself back into some of mine.

Do feel free to write me if ever you have a question, comment, suggestion, criticism or just feel like saying 'hello'. I will do my very best to get back you.



Playgirl Corset > Blog > Corsets, Kink and Fall 2011 Chic - 1 September 2011
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