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Death to the hobo bag! And other ridiculous trends - 13 November 2011

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  Death to the hobo bag! And other ridiculous trends - 13 November 2011

Death to the hobo bag! And other ridiculous trends
- 13 November 2011

I've been doing a lot of online window shopping over the last few weeks, looking for something to treat myself with (I'd been pregnant for the last ten months - I think I deserve a present!).

As I've always been a fan of thrift shops, consignment shops and really, any shop that leaves you having to sift through all of the racks of junk to find that one perfect piece, I decided to do the same online. I endlessly peruse sites like Piperlime, Bluefly and Endless. What I found was less than impressive. Is it too much to ask for a nice structured handbag? A pair of classic black pumps? A 4-season wool pencil skirt??

In truth, I'm not even as disappointed with what I didn't find but rather with what I did. What is going on with the endless supply of hobo bags? I refer to them as bollocks on a strap. And what is with the pee-hole peep-toe, or the what I call the 'penis' pump? You know what I'm talking about: its not quite a peep-toe, but it has a teeny-tiny slit-like hole just atop the toes...Woof! Ugh - and the mini-skirts! Is nothing left to the imagination anymore?? Here is my test for an appropriate skirt length: after you try it on, sit down. If your bare bottom is touching the seat, then it is too short! Still not sure if its of an appropriate length? Bend at the waist and touch your toes. Can you (or your shopping buddy) see your knickers? Then its too damn short!

Overall what I noticed is this terrible hippie/boho/sloppy thing going on in fashion. It feels like each season, I hold my breath in hope that it will be passe; that there will be something new and exciting, something I will want to wear! Alas, such is not the case. Not just yet, anyway. I will report back when the holiday collections make it to stores. Holiday collections tend to promise pretty details, jewel toned colours, silks, satins and velvet. Hopefully, I won't be disappointed.

What's your opinion of the overly casual look? Let me know @ ms.sabrina.grey@gmail.com

Playgirl Corset > Blog > Death to the hobo bag! And other ridiculous trends - 13 November 2011
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