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Girlfriends - 31 May 2010

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  Girlfriends - 31 May 2010

We all have ‘em.

We all have ‘em. We all need at least one good one.

She’s the girl you can turn to when life turns to shit and you need someone to listen. She’s the girl who (although she may giggle at your expense) will never judge you for things you do or say. You finish each others’ thoughts; you can easily spend a pleasant amount of silent time with her as you can making deep conversation or side ripping laughter.

But what happens when you grow apart? When once common traits are no more and the only thing you two have in common is a past? How does one ‘break-up’ with a friend?

You know it’s true: breaking up with a friend is FAR more complicated and scary than ending a romantic relationship. How do you even go about it? Do you take the no-nonsense approach? 'Listen, this just isn’t working anymore and I think it would be best if we subtracted ourselves from each other’s life'.

Do you play the ignore-game and screen all your calls? Sure, that sounds logical but then what do you say when the inevitable and often ill-timed ‘bump-in’ happens? 'Oh, uhh, yeah...I lost my phone and couldn’t find another one from which to call you...for the last 3 months. Ahem.'

Should it be done face to face? Is it too bitchy to do over the phone, or through an email? Heaven forbid you post it as your latest FB status update: 'So I just decided to end things with my once best friend but haven’t told her yet.'

I think my only point is this: regardless how you decide to do it, do be sure to remind yourself that it’s for the best. And if you’re having a difficult time deciding if it’s for the best, then thank God for those great friends you’ve got who you can call and will happily remind you why you’re doing the right thing.

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