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I am (Wo)Man - 20 April 2010

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  I am (Wo)Man - 20 April 2010

I was recently in a photo shoot.

I was recently in a photo shoot. We could call it erotic. We could definitely call it fetish. Brief: I had a dick. And let me tell you, I LOVED feeling like a man.

It was like, as soon as I put on my latest ‘accessory’ I fell straight in to the role.

I was alone in the shoot but I imagined that I was getting ready to seduce my dream girl.

I was clear headed. I wanted to fuck. I didn’t care what she did for a living. I didn’t want her to stay the night (What? I had an early meeting). I wanted her. Then and there. Immediately.

This, I must say, was all because of the dick. I am NOTHING like this as a woman...As a woman, I seldom make first moves. I wait to be ‘taken’. I pray the guy will read my mind and know exactly how I dream of being seduced. I want him to know a little bit about me...You know, the typical stuff us ladies crave.

Ladies, this experience has taught me something invaluable: embrace your inner man! He’s there. In all of us. Don’t deny him. Being a man (in a woman’s body, of course) is a fantastic thing!

Sometimes we have to grow some balls and chase the things we want. Men have that part of life down. We should too.

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