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I said skin BLEACH! not skin beach!

- 2 October 2011

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  I said skin BLEACH! not skin beach!

- 2 October 2011

I said skin BLEACH! not skin beach!

After a summer consumed with far more important things than just 'looking my prettiest', I find myself with...gulp...a tan!

I am usually religious with the application of sunscreen (SPF 80, anyone?), but this past summer has eaten up all of my time with other thoughts like midnight cravings, which car seat is the safest and where (other than those ghastly maternity shops) can I find clothes to fit my ever-growing silhouette.

Yes, my tan is totally shameful (besides the fact that I am very aware of its nasty aging effects, I am also absolutely obsessed with beautiful, pale, milky skin). In an attempt to 'solve' my overly-pigmented problem, I checked out Spehora.com for a skin bleaching product. I typed in those 2 words into the search bar, clicked 'enter' and waited for my page of hope of load...Brace for disappointment! Up pops a page filled with bronzing products, self-tanners and pigment boosters!

Sephora seems to believe that my search for 'skin bleach' was a typo and took the liberty of 'correcting' it to find products matching the description 'skin beach'!

Will somebody - anybody! - please reassure me that this tanning obsession will some day come to an end?! I am so sick of visiting make-up counters where the artist insists on adding some bronzer to my cheeks to give me a 'healthier' appearance. I will scream if I am ever again told that I look 'too pale'!! Would you believe that I even had one make-up artist tell me that skin bleaches don't exist because they are a 'racist' product?!?! Good lord!

Why is it so wrong to appreciate your natural skin tone, whatever it may be? Whether milky white or deep chocolate brown, I think we should all take pride in our most important organ and preserve her natural tone, don't you? Share your thoughts with me @ ms.sabrina.grey@gmail.com

Playgirl Corset > Blog > I said skin BLEACH! not skin beach!

- 2 October 2011
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