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Is cheating the new social trend?

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  Is cheating the new social trend?

You’ve read about it everywhere.

You’ve read about it everywhere. You’ve heard about it from your friends. Or worse yet, you’ve lived it yourself. What I’m talking about here is the cheating boyfriend.

Bill Clinton. Brad Pitt. Ryan Phillipe. Jude Law. Tiger Woods. Jesse James. And the list goes on.

WTF? What is leading all of these men and countless more to cheat? It’s too easy to blame the girlfriend (“She just wasn’t giving me what I needed at the moment”...Yeah right!).

So then what? Is it possible that monogamy is the problem? As someone who personally doesn`t believe in monogamy, I don’t even think so. If it was monogamy that was the problem, then I’d wager these men wouldn’t get into the relationships in the first place, or at least have the decency to end the current relationship before pursuing a different one.

I blame it on insecurity. Overshadowed by their partner’s success, these men need to bed a different woman (often the polar opposite of their current girlfriend) to validate themselves. Yes ladies, they need to f*** themselves back to the top, pun intended. If that’s the case, then might I recommend you remind yourself of that as you go through the post break-up heartache? Sure break-ups suck. Sure it can sometimes feel embarrassing to think that your man was unfaithful. But just remember: he couldn’t handle you. And who wants to be with a “man” like that?

Playgirl Corset > Blog > Is cheating the new social trend?
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