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New Old Stock - 12 September 2011

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  New Old Stock - 12 September 2011

New Old Stock

Have you ever been in a situation where you've dreamed of restocking your wardrobe but just haven't had the budget you'd like with which to do so? I most certainly have. But I've recently discovered the second best way to make it happen without spending a dime.

My story is a little bit more particular than what I recommend for you, but I'll indulge you anyhow so you'll see just how I made my discovery.

Last year, around this very time, I went up North to clear out my apartment. I intended to move further South with my beautiful man and start things anew in a whole new country. So, I packed up all my belongings, cut my lease short and for a brief while moved in with my Mum (clothes still packed away for the move). When the time finally did arrive that he and I were ready to get in the car and drive on down to happily-ever after, well, let's just say things didn't go to plan.

After several attempts in the car, I was finally obliged to fly down and was unable to bring as many of my personal things as I had hoped to (I'm talking bear minimum: a few leggings, tops and skirts. None of which were going to fit me in a short while anyhow, as I am pregnant with our first child).

What does all of this have to do with renewing one's wardrobe? Well, recently I had my brother send down four rather large boxes of my clothes. Clothes I hadn't seen in near one year...

I opened them up over this last weekend and I must say, it was better than Christmas! Things I had completely forgotten about were suddenly back in my possession. My favourite silk dresses; about five of my most precious pairs of shoes, ones which could never ever have been replaced; one-of-a-kind blouses and skirts that I had bought at thrift shops and samples sales. By the time I had opened and gone through the final box I was so happy that I was in near tears!

Now, my closet feels happy and healthy again. Nearly overflowing with beautiful things that I look most forward to wearing again once my body returns to its original pre-baby state.

What I recommend for you is this: go through your things and give your wardrobe a good cleaning. Separate your daily basics and favourites from the things you're not sure you want to keep. Pack that last category up and put it away for at least 6 months if not an entire year. It takes a good bit of discipline to not sneak a peek at the contents any sooner, but trust me: its worth it!

At the end of the year, open them up again and I promise you, there will be things in there that will be better than new! Better because you will have near totally forgotten about some of your irreplaceable favourites that will suddenly be yours again.

As always, do feel free to write me about anything at all; Its always a treat to hear from you! ms.sabrina.grey@gmail.com

Playgirl Corset > Blog > New Old Stock - 12 September 2011
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