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Now's the time - 11 February 2010

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  Now's the time - 11 February 2010

I recently spent a wonderful Sunday with my grandmother.

I recently spent a wonderful Sunday with my grandmother.

She and I passed the afternoon sipping tea and looking through old family photos.

When I picked up one album in particular, a photo slipped out and fell to the floor. I picked it up and noticed that the photo was of a beautiful tall blonde woman standing in her garden. She was smiling such a lively smile, and her hair and summer dress were being tousled by what I’m sure was a warm breeze.

“That was me when I was your age,” said my grandmother.

She continued: “My goodness, I was a pretty thing, wasn’t I?”

She was more than just pretty. She was the picture of youth, femininity and joie de vivre.

“If only I had thought so back then,” she said.

Confused, I asked her to clarify.

“Sabrina, back then I thought that everything was wrong with me. I wished my hair were pitch black; I wished my breasts were smaller and my hips a little narrower. And now, when I look at myself in the mirror at the age I am today, I sometimes laugh at how silly I was for ever having over-looked my looks.”

How many of us can honestly say we’ve never been our own worst critic? Very few I’m sure and those who claim so are liars. We have each of us fought with our insecurities at some point, but if there is one thing I wish to pass along to every woman out there it’s that NOW is the time to love every inch of you.

Youth is fleeting, age and gravity are imminent. We each have those things about us that we consider less than perfect, but most of those things are in our power to change, to make better. And as for the parts that we cannot change, I promise there is someone out there who will absolutely love it...Let’s start with making that “someone”, you.

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