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Sew Long... - 24 August 2011

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  Sew Long... - 24 August 2011

Sew Long...

This past rainy Saturday afternoon, I decided to go out for a morning of shopping. Or should I say 'mourning' of shopping?

I shed a very sad tear when I think to myself that over 98% of retail today is mass manufactured. My stomach twists in knots when I think that every d-list celebrity decides to become a 'designer' and slap their forgettable name on a cheaply made dress, handbag, accessory or shoe.

Can someone please tell me where all of the real designers have gone? And whatever happened to a great tailor who could make the cheapest item of clothing fit you to look like it cost a thousand dollars? And shoe makers! Where are they?! Sure, there's usually a shoe repair shop in most shopping centres, but what about the artists who could actually make a uniquely designed shoe from start to finish? Let's not even get in to millinery...It breaks my heart when I see nothing but poorly made fascinators with cardboard foundations and the fools who wear them thinking they're a throw back to times past.

From a very young age, I have had so much appreciation for all things made with love, care quality and the touch of a gentle hand, rather than the frigid press of a scary machine. This is why I feel so at home right here at Playgirl, surrounded by images of beautifully made corsets. The gorgeous velvets and silks; the saturated colours; the perfectly placed boning that holds you in a tight and loving hug...It hasn't happened yet that I've worn one of these beauties and not been asked by a stranger where I got my corset (and I brim with pride when I share my secret with them!). They ask because they can see the craftsmanship; even if they can't precisely express what it is that drew them to love what they've seen, I promise it is the quality of the corset.

If only I could find this sort of quality and beauty in all of what I wear. As a matter of fact, this entry has really put my mind into motion and put me on somewhat of a mission: to find out where I can find a wardrobe's worth of well made, thoughtfully designed clothes and accessories.

We already know where to find our corsets, but if you have any other favourite shops where you like to treat yourself to beautifully made things, then please do drop me a line. If you share your secrets, I promise to share mine. Now, off to do some research in the name of true fashion!



Playgirl Corset > Blog > Sew Long... - 24 August 2011
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