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Shamefully Sexy - 01 December 2011

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  Shamefully Sexy - 01 December 2011

Shamefully Sexy - 01 December 2011

In a recent issue of Marie Claire, there were 2 separate articles that really struck a chord with me. First, was an interview with author Caitlyn Flanagan. She has recently released a book about the need to protect young girls from the internet and the 'overly pornographic media'. She suggested that the song between Rihanna and Eminem, Love the Way You Lie, advocates violence against women with the way that Eminem sings about with-holding his physical want for her (she translates 'physical want' to 'acts of violence'). She goes on to suggest that young girls shouldn't have any unsupervised internet time because they need a break from their social lives.

The second article that upset me was Gisele Bundchen vs. the first female president of Brazil (a.k.a. The Iron Lady). Gisele was recently in a series of commercials for a line called Hope Lingerie. The ads playfully suggested that when you've done wrong (ex: if you've maxed out your man's credit card, etc) seduce him in your finest lingerie. The Iron Lady tried to get the ads pulled from television because she was convinced that these commercials were belittling to women.

In the end, sexy won: the ads were not pulled.

I think that more backwards than using flirtatious behaviour or your looks to 'get ahead' is calling it 'petty' or belittling. as far as I'm concerned, there is absolutely NO shame in being sexy. Every woman and man can be...I truly believe that and I see nothing wrong with it. Charm and magnetism are undeniably powerful traits. They shouldn't be stifled to appease a bunch of bitter, angry, envious, unattractive feminists.

Do you disagree? Email me @ ms.sabrina.grey@gmail.com

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