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The Importance of Fantasy - 18 August 2011

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  The Importance of Fantasy - 18 August 2011

The Importance of Fantasy

Growing up and spending most of my life in Montreal (a fair sized city), I have for the greater part of my life had the luxury of mindlessly indulging in a rather eccentric look without any sort of public judgement. Flash forward to present day: currently, I am living in a tiny (and I mean tiny) little town. A wonderful and quiet place, ideal for starting up my new family, but good lord! the lack of style!

I can't be sure which I noticed first: that the town's people's wardrobe consists mainly of ill-fitting washed out jeans and college or tie-dyed t-shirts, or the stares my husband I and get when we go out for the simplest errand.

Perhaps most obvious, was at one of my recent pre-natal check-ups. Dressed in a floor length black lace skirt, with a simple black camisole and flowing black wrap sweater, people in the waiting room were looking at me as though I was from another planet (I suppose my pale skin, platinum blonde hair and very smoky eye didn't help much either). When the nurse came out, she gave my husband and I one look and said "you must be Sabrina". Can you believe it? To me, this suggests that people had actually been talking about me and my 'strange' appearance!

What does any of this have to do with fantasy, you may ask? Well, as I'm sure the majority will agree, most little girls love to play dress-up. To be princesses. To dream up stories of pure, ridiculous fantasy and most often express it by either raiding mum's closet or wrapping their dolls in outrageous lengths of fabric and calling it an evening gown.

For most, this is a pleasure and a way of seeing the world that escapes us as we get older. But why?

I have always been a firm believer in the importance of fantasy. A way of life fine tailored to you and the things that make you happy. Things that make even the most mundane moments feel as exciting as can possibly be. This has always been easiest for me to achieve through my clothes. My makeup. My outward appearance.

Never has it been more clear to me that this is something which far too many people give up after a certain age. Either they feel too old, or they don't want to be the 'weird' one in a small town.

I say 'screw it!'...There are truly few things which I believe one is ever too old for; and as for the worry of being judged? Ridiculous! Aside from the fact that no one should ever influence your choices (especially when it comes to the things that make you happy), look at it this way: People are staring because you are interesting! You are providing them with a visual stimulation that is completely new and even though it may not be understood, it still adds to their boring lives!

So go on: dress as you truly wish to dress. Where your smoky eye, deep stained lips and diamonds while the sun is still out. And smile graciously at those who dare to stare. You make this world a far more interesting, fantastical place.

Do feel free to write me if ever you have a question, comment, suggestion, criticism or just feel like saying 'hello'. I will do my very best to get back you.



Playgirl Corset > Blog > The Importance of Fantasy - 18 August 2011
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