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What has pop culture come to? - 07 December 2011

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  What has pop culture come to? - 07 December 2011

What has pop culture come to? - 07 December 2011

So, the other day I was enjoying my morning coffee with my in-laws and I cannot recall how we got on the subject, but my father-in-law shared the coolest little tidbit with me: years ago, my father-in-law shared an elevator with...Marilyn Monroe!!!!!

I was instantly equal parts wildly jealous and insatiably curious:

"Did you speak to her?!"
"Was her voice just as soft and seductive as in her pictures?"
"Was she even more beautiful in person than on film?!"
"What was she wearing?!"
"Did she smell of Chanel No. 5?!"

The questions went on and on and on and on! I was incurably curious and also shamefully envious!

And then I thought to myself: 'My god; could it be that there is no modern day celebrity that would excite me in the same way if I were to be stuck in an elevator with them?'. The sad answer is: no, there isn't.

Something about modern pop-culture is just nothing compared to what it was. Can you honestly tell me that there is a current celebrity that truly compares to the Elizabeth Taylors, Billie Holidays, Marilyn Monroes, Cary Grants, Humphrey Bogharts of the past?? I really don't think so.

Where has all of the magic gone? These were people with real talent. People who (although, yes a product of Hollywood) didn't just decide
'Oh, I want to be famous, so I am going to turn myself into the most provocative, mot outrageous character I can." Everyone wanted Marilyn's hair...I don't think everyone wants Lady Gaga's, uh, 'horns'...

Is this a magic that is lost for good? Tell me what you think: ms.sabrina.grey@gmail.com

Playgirl Corset > Blog > What has pop culture come to? - 07 December 2011
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