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What’s you fetish? - 02 March 2010

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  What’s you fetish? - 02 March 2010

Have you noticed how the word “fetish” has come to be so casually used?

Have you noticed how the word “fetish” has come to be so casually used?

“Oh! I have SUCH a shoe fetish! I buy, like, 6 pairs a month!”

“Chocolate is totally a fetish for me! I can’t imagine every living without it!”

If this is really how the word was intended to be used, then I suspect we would all be fetishists, no?

In truth, I think that would make for a wonderful world...

Think about it: people with a serious fetish have usually got such an interesting “when” and “why” story behind it. Something so cerebral to a fetish.

A real fetish is more about the bra than the breast. More about the spank than the sex.

Often, a fetish will bloom in our subconscious, when we’re still too young to identify exactly what’s happened. All we know is that something, at that very moment made us tingle.

Like that time when you were a little boy and you slipped and fell, only to find yourself in a compromising position looking up a woman’s skirt at her bottom covered in a white cotton panty. To this day, you ask your lovers to wear white cotton panties.

Or that time when you were a young girl still working at the dry cleaners. A beautiful man walked in to leave several shirts for pressing and still to this day, the scent of Old Spice turns you on.

So perhaps the f-word is tossed around a little too casually nowadays...but maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all.

Next week: What ever happened to go old-fashioned f***ing?

Playgirl Corset > Blog > What’s you fetish? - 02 March 2010
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