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You've 'missed the boat' - 9 July 2010

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  You've 'missed the boat' - 9 July 2010

You've 'missed the boat'

If there's one way of thinking that I cannot stand it's when people tell you that you've 'missed the boat'. That it's 'too late in your life' to pursue something new; something different; something life altering.

Umm, excuse me? According to whom are these 'deadlines' so very absolute?

Can someone please explain to me WHY its 'too late'? Will I spontaneously combust if I decide to give my life an overhaul at my age? (I haven't told you yet how old I am, and I won't tell you still...but I will say that I'm old enough to have already been advised against certain decisions I've taken).

Will the whole wide world come to an end if you leave your job, take up school full time, or try and start that dream business you've always kept at the back of your mind? If you have the means, what could possibly go wrong if you sold all your possessions and decided to travel for an entire year? Will all your friends and family have forgotten you because you didn't stay in the same place? I highly doubt it.

Yes, I know that I tend to be quite the broken record when it comes to this subject but I'll say it again: ONE life people! Just one. And its yours. So please please please! Do with it what YOU choose to do. No one deserves to limit you just because you're of a certain age.


Playgirl Corset > Blog > You've 'missed the boat' - 9 July 2010
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