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Corset - Get The Complete Outfit

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  Corset - Get The Complete Outfit

So you've bought a corset, but have you got the right extras to match? Make sure you get the whole outfit for a truly stunning look.
So you've bought a corset, but have you got the right extras to match? Make sure you get the whole outfit for a truly stunning look.
So you've bought a corset, but have you got the right extras to match? Make sure you get the whole outfit for a truly stunning look.

When you buy a corset, make it a worthwhile purchase by buying the complete sexy set. The corset itself is designed to be worn with knickers and suspenders, so why not indulge in the complete outfit to really add some glamour.

Corset - Add Some Frilly Knickers

Make your corset really stunning and team it with a pair of frilly knickers. If you have a pink corset, look for black frilly knickers that will look great. Black and pink is one of the most striking colour combinations in the world of fashion, so be sure to extend your fashion style to your underwear. Equally stunning is the black and red combination, for a more sultry and glamorous look. When it comes to buying corsetry, it is essential that you buy the right knickers to match. Don't just assume you have a pair already that will match - treat yourself to a brand new set that will make you feel super sexy.

Corset - Add Suspenders

Suspenders are often considered one of the sexiest additions to an outfit. It is amazing to think that something so un-decorative and simple can attract so much attention. Men love seeing women in suspenders, and when you buy a corset, the suspenders are an essential addition. When it comes to colours, suspenders are traditionally available in black, but you can also pick up other colours such as white and pink. It all depends on personal preference, but it is always good to choose a contrasting colour to your corset. For example, team a pink corset with black suspenders.

Corset - Super Seductive

The corset is such a feminine item of clothing - for centuries it was the staple undergarment for women, but it is only relatively recently that the corset has transcended fashion barriers and become a popular everyday item. Women all over the world are wearing corsets these days, and often on a much more seductive level.

Corset - The Extras

You can accessorise your corset outfit further with sexy stockings and even jewellery. Add a string of white pearls to a daring black corset and watch your partner's face really light up…getting the whole outfit just right is essential. Do you have any high heels or proper stilettos? The key to any stunning, sexy outfit is ensuring the footwear is right. Opt for black patent chunky heels or maybe red peep toe shoes for that perfect outfit.

So, if you're going to buy a corset, go all out and get the whole outfit!

Want to buy a corset? Come to Playgirl London…

Here at Playgirl London, we have a fabulous range of beautiful handmade corsets, including all the heavenly extras you could think of, such as knickers, cinchers, petticoats and other intimate apparel. Our corsets are stunning items of clothing, which look great worn underneath clothing or even on their own. So, whatever the occasion, treat yourself to a brand new corset and let your imagination run wild…shop online today or email us at sales@playgirllondon.co.uk with your questions or suggestions.
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