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Corset - Take A Tip From Dita

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  Corset - Take A Tip From Dita

There is one lady that has transformed the meaning of burlesque and adopted a unique style with her stunning choice of corsets.
There is one lady that has transformed the meaning of burlesque and adopted a unique style with her stunning choice of corsets.
There is one lady that has transformed the meaning of burlesque and adopted a unique style with her stunning choice of corsets. Now is the time to take a tip out of Dita Von Teese's book!

In the world of burlesque, there is one lady that has been at the pinnacle of burlesque wear in the last decade. Dita Von Teese is renowned for being a professional burlesque performer as well as a model and actress. Dita wears the corset to maximum effect, with her petite figure perfectly suited to the stunning corset aesthetics.

Corset - The Burlesque Queen

Dita Von Teese has long since been a fan of vintage fashions and vintage styling. Her appearance is particularly striking, with small delicate features and lustrous jet black hair. Many people regard Dita as the face of burlesque these days, and her career in the arts has been a profitable one. It is through seeing Dita Von Teese in the public eye that has made more women take an interest in burlesque. Interestingly, a traditional practice as been transformed into a modern, contemporary style and women all over the world are buying corsets to mirror Dita's effortless style.

Corset - Dita's Style

So, if you fancy taking a tip out of Dita's book, then you'll need to treat yourself to a stunning corset. It can be any colour, but find one that suits your complexion. Notice Dita's style - as a very pale lady, she is often seen in sultry red corsets, black bodices and flesh coloured corsets and knickers that all complement her look. The paler colours add a hint of innocence to her, whereas the darker colours make her look more dominating and seductive. Dita clearly wears what she feels like that day, so now you can do the same. Vary your corset collection with a variety of different colours for different moods.

Corset - For Every Woman

Unlike the corsets of old, you can now buy beautiful handmade corsets that are comfortable to wear and act as the perfect waist cinchers. If you're already slim like Dita Von Teese, then you can wear a corset to flatter your figure. For larger women, corsets can accentuate the voluptuous curves. Everyone deserves to feel sexy and Dita Von Teese ensures she looks sultry and sexy all the time. The corset is such a simple item, but it can have a real impact on you as well as the people around you.

So, if you want to adopt a new style, there is no better figure to idolise than Dita Von Teese - she makes the corset the essential fashion item!

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