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The ultimate expression of sexuality and freedom...
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Corset - burlesque is back

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  Corset - burlesque is back

Ready to buy a gorgeous corset to indulge your burlesque side?
Ready to buy a gorgeous corset to indulge your burlesque side?

Burlesque is a resurgent art form – the art of the tease – and has its origins in Greek storytelling. Sexual teasing has always been an art form, however, and its recent revival in the form of artists like the extraordinarily successful Dita von Teese means that the corset and the delights it suggests are back at the top of the entertainment agenda.

Corset Greek origin?

According to Dita von Teese herself, reported in The Independent newspaper, it was Aristophanes who created the idea of suggesting sex whilst withholding it at the same time. He wrote a play where the wives of soldiers locked themselves in a castle, depriving their husbands of sex until the war was over. The double suggestion that sex is available under the right conditions, but never actually producing the goods has been at the heart of every burlesque tease since, and the corset is an essential part of the burlesque artist’s wardrobe. Whilst Aristophanes’ fictional teasers may not have worn corsets in their time, the corset certainly became a favourite of music hall burlesque acts, and other singing and dancing acts, who used it as an ideal way to tempt without delivering. What’s more, after World War Two, when hemlines became shorter, women became more daring, and the movies came into their own, stars like Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield used corsets to stunning effect, inspiring a whole new generation of corset-wearers.

Where the corset is Queen

The corset is the perfect garment to accentuate your figure – and for that reason alone, every girl should have one. With its ability to cinch in your waist and flatter your curves, it’s one of the few items of clothing that can appeal to women of any shape and size. The key to wearing a corset successfully, as most burlesque artists would tell you, is to wear it with confidence and love the way it makes you look and feel. If you’re feeling great, you’ll give off all the right signals and whether you’re taking up burlesque dancing or just enjoying finding your hourglass figure, your corset can become a part of you. The corset has changed from a garment that used to contain and restrict women to one that allows them to express their freedom and sexuality, and if you don’t have one yet, perhaps the allure of burlesque will change your mind.

Treat yourself to a corset

Playgirl London offers a range of beautiful handmade corsets, along with a selection of other intimate apparel, including petticoats, knickers, frilly knickers and cinchers. We believe that a corset is one of the most beautiful garments you can possess and our corsets look fabulous whether you wear them underneath other clothing or on their own. We’re dedicated to ensuring that you get the highest quality corsetry and that you’re delighted with your purchase and for that reason, you can always email us at sales@playgirllondon.co.uk with your questions or suggestions.
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