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Corset - love your underwear

Playgirl Corset | Blog |  Corset - love your underwear

A corset is an essential part of your underwear collection.
A corset is an essential part of your underwear collection.

Do you spend time and money getting your underwear right? Would you be ashamed to for your next date to go through the contents of your underwear drawer? Underwear is not only an important factor in how we look, it also has an impact on how we feel – which is why a gorgeous, hand-made corset should be part of every girl’s underwear collection.

Corset the right underwear for the right occasion

It’s a fact that most women don’t think about the importance of underwear until they come to buy a wedding dress or other special clothing. Most dressmakers will tell you that your underwear makes all the difference to the way your dress looks and by choosing a corset you can lose several inches from your waist, giving you that great hour-glass shape that is so desirable. What you shouldn’t forget though, is that you should be wearing great underwear every day, giving yourself the support and shape you need in order to look good and feel great:


– whilst you might not want to wear a corset every day, it’s great to wear under or over other garments for nights out or special occasions. Wear it on its own for a passionate night in, or use it when you need to give yourself a great shape. A corset is a really empowering piece of underwear and will help you to look fantastic every time you put it on.


– getting the right sized bra is incredibly important to your overall comfort, health and shape. Most women still aren’t wearing the right size, and that can affect the way that you look in all your clothing. Most stores measure you for free, so get measured up, or do it at home and make sure you buy the best size for you.


– knickers can be sexy and practical at the same time, and when you buy a matching corset, knickers and suspender set, you’re going to look fantastic. Don’t settle for a drawer full of boring white knickers. Whilst you always need some basic underwear to go under certain types of clothes, you also need to indulge in some beautiful, sexy, playful underwear that will give you plenty of self-confidence and attract the right sort of attention.

If your underwear drawer’s looking a little tired and you need some inspiration, take the decision to buy a corset or other gorgeous underwear today – you won’t regret it.

Treat yourself to a corset

Playgirl London offers a range of beautiful handmade corsets, along with a selection of other intimate apparel, including petticoats, knickers, frilly knickers and cinchers. We believe that a corset is one of the most beautiful garments you can possess and our corsets look fabulous whether you wear them underneath other clothing or on their own. We’re dedicated to ensuring that you get the highest quality corsetry and that you’re delighted with your purchase and for that reason, you can always email us at sales@playgirllondon.co.uk with your questions or suggestions.

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